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Certified Supply Chain Performance Analyst

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Instructors: SITMI

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Why this course?


This Course has been designed for Supply chain professionals and Management students who are willing to make their career in related Supply chain area. This course has outlined entire concepts of Supply chain that clears basics and more focus has been given on technical and functional understanding of supply chain.

This course outlines below 16 KPI Metrics, their meaning, Ideal state, measurement & Calculation with examples.

1. Forecast Error

2. Forecast Accuracy

3. On time Delivery (OTD)

4. Order & Documentation Accuracy Rate

5. % of Sales lost due to supply issues

6. Cash to cash cycle

7. Inventory days of supply

8. Inventory Turnover

9. Days on Hand (DOH)

10. Inventory Accuracy

11. Gross Margin return on Inventory Management (GMROI)

12. Excess & Obsolete Inventory (E&O)

13. Undamaged Supplier Shipment rate

14. Distribution Expense

15. Warehouse Capacity Used

16. Material Handling damage



Course Also provides study Handouts for self study in different domains like

- Operations Management and Supply Chain Management Basics

- Materials Management

- Production Planning and Control with different types of planning methods + Static vs. Dynamic Planning

- Master Production Schedule - Outlines Brief of how MPS works in detail, Concepts like Available to Promise and Time fences are well explained.

- Sales and Operations Planning - Basics, S&OP Process, Guidelines on How to setup S&OP...

- Material Requirement Planning & Distribution Resource Planning - Brief details on How MRP runs with inputs and outputs, DRP Functions and Difference between MRP and DRP

- Inventory Management - Inventory Management methods, Selective inventory control techniques, Multiple replenishment planning methods like VMI, Kanban, Safety stock, Min Max... Concepts like inventory turns, Days of sales, EOQ Model, E&O, Inventory cost types,

- Purchasing & Procurement - Purchasing and Procurement in detail and their difference, Purchasing cycle, RFX's

- Logistics Management, Transportation, Warehousing and Packaging

- Incoterms

- Role of  IT in SCM.


After understanding all these concepts one must be able to integrate and understand metrices to measure supply chain. This course outlines 16+ Key metrices that are globally known and used with their calculation , examples and measurement benefits.


All these concepts are well designed by our SCM experts and made available as a handout for reference.

Course Curriculum

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