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Certified Expert in International Business

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Why this course?


Course Syllabus and details
Key topics Covered:
  • Introduction to International Business
    • Reasons for International Trade
    • Stages in Internationalization
    • International Business approaches
    • Problems in international Business
    • National gains from International Trade
  • Various Entry methods for International Business
    • Export
    • FDI
    • Licensing
    • Franchising
    • Joint Ventures
    • Wholly owned subsidiaries
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Management contracts
    • Turnkey Projects
    • Greenfield strategy
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Influence of PEST factors in International Business
    • Political Environment
    • Economic Factors
    • Social Factors
    • Technological Factors
  • Trade Theories
    • Classical Trade Theories
    • Modern Trade theories
    • Other theories.
  • India’s trade Policy
    • Agencies
    • Trade Policy Objectives
  • International Organizations and their roles
    • Regulation globalization & Internationalization.
    • IMF
    • World Bank
    • OECD
    • UN
    • WTO
      • WTO rounds with respect to India
    • International Integrations / Unions
      • Mercosur
      • SAARC
      • NAFTA
      • EU
      • ASEAN
      • APEC
      • EFTA
    • Effect of current economic meltdown on International Business
    • Organizational Structures in International Business
    • Export Import Procedure & documentations:
    • Swaps, Options & Futures
  • Incoterms
  • Presentation slides on various International Business management concepts.
Course Outline & other details
About Course –This course outlines on conceptual learning of International Business Management , Modes of entry in International Business, Influence of PEST factors, Trade Theories, India’s trade policies, International Organizations (WTO, IMF, UN, IECD, World bank..), Trade Unions (ASEAN, SAARC, NAFTA, EU, Mercosur….), Economic meltdown effects, Organization structures in International Business, EXIM Procedures & documents, Incoterms, Swaps/options & futures.
Target Audience – Employees working as International Business consultant, C&F agents, international supply chain & marketing people, consultants and college going students willing to choose similar career options.
Examination Date deadline – Within 3 months from admission date
Examination – Online mode, from any location with good internet access
Examination duration – 70 Min
Exam Attempt – Single
Total Questions – 70
Passing Criteria- 50% & above
Certificate & Performance Report – Hard Copy of certificate & performance report with SITMI stamp, authorized signature, unique number of certification & both documents will laminated with high quality process – It will be dispatched at candidates postal address (within India) within 5 business days from exam qualified date.

Course Curriculum

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