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Basics of Lean Thinking

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Instructors: SITMI Academy

Why this course?


Do you know that 20% of all businesses fail within their first year? To avoid some cumbersome in this journey it is important to know than Good processes reduce waste  

  • Bad processes cost your business money  
  • Improving processes directly improves your profitability  
  • Efficient processes create more opportunity for your business to thrive  

So It’s important to focus on…  

How do you make sure you have the right processes in place to ensure your business is primed for success and in a position to be as profitable as possible?  

Because, if the processes in your business aren’t as effective or efficient as they can be, you’re not only reducing your profitability, you’re also doing a disservice to both your customers and your entire organization.  

That’s where Lean Management comes in the picture.  

Lean Management is an approach that seeks to eliminate any waste in a business process by cutting out steps that don’t create value.  

This waste can be caused by several aspects like:  

  • Delays in your production process  
  • Too much time spent working on features you don’t need  
  • Too much inventory sitting idle, costing you money  
  • Any mistakes or defects you have to fix  
  • And by using lean management principles to reduce this waste, you’ll not only be able to increase the value of whatever you provide, you’ll also be able to pass the savings onto your customer and potentially be in a position where virtually no one can compete with you.  


Effective lean management can also help organizations to:  

  • Boost sales  
  • Improve customer satisfaction  
  • Increase customer lifetime value  
  • Create a massive following of brand evangelists who religiously promote everything your company has to offer  
  • So how exactly can you use the principles of lean management to optimize your production process, maximize customer value, and build a lean culture within your organization?  

By end of this course completion, learners will learn

  • What lean management is and how to make it work for your organization.
  • Principles of lean management
  • What is meaning of value and what are different wastes.
  • How Muda, Muri and Mura impacts business growths
  • Eliminating unnecessary tasks and delays in your production process  
  • Reducing mistakes, overproduction, and overprocessing caused by your workflow  
  • Mapping out, analyzing, and optimizing your own process
  • This course also covers popular lean tools like 5S, Andon, Bottleneck analysis, Continuous flow, Gemba Heijunka ,Hoshin Kanri, Jidoka , JIT, Kaizen , Kanban, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, PDCA, Root cause analysis, Six losses...etc


Whom this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in understanding the lean process and how to apply it in business
  • Business owners interested in reducing waste in their business processes
  • Managers who need to deliver improvements in their business
  • Managers who want to increase their employability by improving their management skills
  • Individuals involved in a continuous improvement project who needs a complete overview of the process
  • Anyone interested in learning more about lean management.
  • Employees who are looking to Create an Impact in their Business Process and Earn Higher Income
  • Individuals who are Six Sigma White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts, PMP, Prince2, Scrum Masters, Agile Experts, etc
  • Senior and Middle Managers who are looking to Implement Process Improvement Practices in their Organization
  • Newbies who are looking for a Job may also apply


This course will help to:

  • Become a Lean Proficient
  • Get Visibility: Start Solving Business Problems using Lean Tools and Techniques
  • Explore Gaps in Your Business: Learn to Identify Waste in Your Business Process
  • Practice Project Management: Drive Lean Projects within Your Organization
  • Develop Coaching Skills: Coach Peers, Subordinates and Superiors on Lean Tools and Techniques
  • Learn to Ask Right Questions and Enable Lean Thinking
  • Achieve Fast-Paced Growth: Execute Lean Projects that Deliver Cost Savings

Course Curriculum

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